Caribbean Sunshine Bakery taste the caribbean


Bread (Guyanese Plait)

Price: $2.00

Bread (Jamaican Hard Dough)

Price: $2.85

Bread (Peg)

Price: $2.85

Bread (Tennis Roll)

Price: $2.00

Bread (Wheat)

Price: $3.00


Price: $2.75

Cinnamon Roll

Price: $1.00

Cocktail Patty (per dozen)

Price: $6.50

Cocoa Bread (6pk)

Price: $5.45

Coconut Cake

Price: $.95

Guava and Cheese Pastry

Price: $1.00

Spice Bun (sm)

Price: $3.25

Spice Bun (lg)

Price: $4.50


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